Cancer Care Massage


This is a massage therapy for people living with cancer and their carers.

It is a treatment given with a comforting, gentle, supportive and mindful touch. It’s an opportunity to let yourself relax and give your body a soothing and nurturing present. A time to be kind to yourself, reconnect with your body and mind, and unwind.


Cancer care massage can help to reduce anxiety and nausea, calm the mind, and aid a good night’s sleep as well as helping you to ‘piece your body back together’.


Depending on your healing progress, where needed I might use gentle scar tissue mobilization techniques. To help the healing of the scars.


The importance of the caregivers support in the cancer journey is priceless. There are always a few spare minutes or longer to allow touch therapy to happen in your busy schedule. This could be a hand or foot massage or seated pressure point massage in the chair.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, so we can set up the best possible treatment session for you.


With your first appointment there will be a detailed intake to help determine which treatment plan is best for you. After the treatment there will be a follow up call or email to check how you feel. This is important so that we can work in a safe and comfortable way for you.


“Pascale was not only my therapist but also became a very dear friend. She became my sanctuary as I had days that were not my best, but as soon as I went to her for the therapy, she not only helped me with lymphedema but also calmed me down, and put me at ease...I do not wish anyone to go through breast or any other type cancer or disease that may cause secondary lymphedema or anyone to have primary lymphedema, but nonetheless if one does, and if someone like Pascale is around to help & assist through the whole process, it makes a whole lot of difference. She is technically a brilliant expert, and really cares for the patien’ts well being. I can’t recommend her enough and too bad I live in another country now”. Esra.