Holistic Massage


From a holistic point of view health is seen as a balance between mind, body and spirit. Our goal with holistic massage is to reconnect your body and mind through looking at your whole self – physical and emotional – and to become more body aware, allowing you to take more responsibility for your own health. The massage strokes are based on my personal fusion of therapeutic / Swedish massage techniques, adapted to your needs. The flow of your own breathing is incorporated into the massage, deepening your relaxation. Every person receives and experiences this treatment in their own unique way. Some of the benefits of regular holistic massage treatments can include:


·Helping relieve muscle tension, stiffness and pain

·Helping with deeper and easier breathing

·Reducing blood pressure

·Improving posture

·Relieving stress and providing relaxation

·Stimulating the mind-body connection and body awareness

·Creating a feeling of general well-being

·Improving capacity for calm thinking and creativity
Holistic massage is like a form of art - it aims to stimulate self-discovery, self-awareness, and a more integrated lifestyle. This treatment is offered as a full body massage, including face, feet and, upon consultation, the abdomen.