These are some of the kind words I have been blessed to receive from my clients over the course of my many years in complementary therapies.


"Pascale was the gift I gave myself after my bilateral mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgeries. Compassionate, talented and determined to help, Pascale did lymph drainage massage (MLD) each time I visited her but she also used different taping methods to help manage the fluid build up as well. She is a gem and I have sorely missed her since she left Doha. She continues to train in different methodologies and healing frameworks and that also speaks a lot to her professionalism and the level of care she gives her clients". Sandee Thompson.


“Thank you for all the heart you bring to the world, to your work and to your clients. We are grateful for your loving touch.” Jacki.


“Thank you so much for my massage! I loved every moment and I had such a fantastic sleep last night.” Kathy.


“I have immensely benefited from your therapy because your gentle touches and your soothing voice always put me in a state of calmness which has a healing effect on me. Never underestimate the power of the gentle touch from Pascale.” Susie, Pink Unity, NCSM, Malaysia.


“I will miss very much your magical healing hands and your peaceful spirit.” Reem.


“I can't thank you enough for the intelligent and informed help you gave me following my surgery....Good luck with your next life steps - wherever you go, people are going to appreciate what you can bring to a community! Thanks and my very best wishes to you.” Monica.


“I will miss you. The weekly massages were a delight.” Helen.


“Thank you so much for making the stress management activities such a success.” Dept of Student Affairs at College of the North Atlantic.


"Can I just say, too, that I rarely see anyone who has the hands that you do.” Gayle MacDonald.


“Thank you for all that you did for me. I really enjoyed the relaxing time with you. You helped me get on with my life again.” Britta.


 “Your support, interest, empathy, wisdom, encouragement, knowledge and laughter have meant the world to me. You are a very talented and gifted soul and I always felt very lucky to have ‘found you’. There was this instant feeling that "yes, this person will help me!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!.”  Julie.