Yin Yoga for Lymphatic Health



This class is specially designed for people at risk of or currently experiencing lymphoedema and for anyone who wants to maintain good health and wellbeing.


I have been working as a Manual Lymph Drainage (Dr Vodder UK) & lymphoedema therapist (Klose Training USA) for over 20 years. Treatments are individually tailored to guide you on your own healing path. In addition to these MLD sessions where I offer personalised treatments and self-care techniques, I am now including Yin Yoga.


Following recent training, I believe Yin Yoga complements MLD in helping to open tight areas, release cording/auxiliary web syndrome, and soften scar tissue in the affected areas. Yin is a very slow style of yoga, mainly mat/floor-based where poses are held to help you to listen to your body and feel what is going on.


We will work very gently and stimulate any tissue harmed during your surgery. Besides the yin poses, we may explore some Qi Gong movement, breathing and deep relaxation techniques.


This private session will give us space to focus on your body and your wellbeing with intention and attention. There is an option to add an MLD treatment to your yin yoga session as a mini-retreat.

Please contact me for more information.